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Please note: Some aircraft books are large files
scanned in color at 300 dpi and may be slow to load.

1,856 Three Views For Scratch Builders

Aircraft Draftings World War One

Aircraft Draftings World War Two

Aircraft Yearbook

Scale views of the Air Racers

Colors and camo of planes from WW1 to present

Fighter planes of World War Two

Modern Jets

Aircraft Draftings Volume One

Aircraft Draftings Volume Two

Jets of the Korean War
F-86--Mig-15--F9F @ 1:48 scale

Aircraft of the Battle of Britain

Spitfire--Bf-109--Hurricane--Ju88 @ 1:50 scale

Historic German Jets

Me-262--Me-163--He-162 @ 1:48 scale

Aircraft of the Spanish Civil War

I-15 Chato--Fiat CR-32--Dewotine D-27 @ 1:48 scale

Bf-109--I-16 Mosca--Fiat G-50 @ 1:48 scale

Firefly Serenity Movie Spaceship Complete Card Model

Parts and instructions in Spanish but self-explanatory

Global Conspiracies

Lying, greedy lawyers admit "Global Warming" is just another big scam to steal more money from the poor and middle classes of the world and we can't stop them!